Atelier CEMS-GSRL 22 janvier 2014

Programme de l’atelier C.E.M.S / G.S.R.L. au CEMS, bâtiment le France, 190 avenue de France, 75013 (métro Quai de la gare), 1er étage (salle 102)

22 janvier 2014 : Yves Marie-Davenel (Chercheur associé au Laboratoire d’Anthropologie des Institutions et des Organisations Sociales/IIAC), présentation et discussion de son ouvrage Renouveau culturel et diversité nationale au Kazakhstan. Les associations culturelles tatares, Paris, Editions Petra, Collection « Sociétés postsoviétiques en mouvement », publié en 2013

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« The « Post » and the « Past » in Central Asia’s Future »

Call for papers for the  joint conference organised by Cambridge Central Asia Forum and Centre for Development Studies, University of Cambridge titled « The « Post » and the « Past » in Central Asia’s Future« .

« The « Post » and the « Past » in Central Asia’s Future » Conference 14-15 March 2014, Hosted by Cambridge Central Asia Forum & Centre for Development Studies University of Cambridge, UK Call for Papers We are delighted to announce a call for papers for a conference titled The « Post » and the « Past » in Central Asia’s Future. We welcome contributions from scholars working on Central Asia, Inner Asia, the Caucuses and contiguous Asian and European regions Individual academic disciplines have specific designs for choosing methodologies and time frames and consequently generate specific perspectives on research problems. The application of these many and varied perspectives in a given geographical region can result in a bewildering array of understandings regarding practices or events. The extensive literature generated on Central Asia across a number of disciplines shows considerable evidence of the difficulties involved in identifying the relations between continuous and discontinuous factors operating in the region. The continuities and discontinuities identified by each academic discipline result in a specific configuration of Central Asia and when taken together in a multi-disciplinary framework may generate a more holistic understanding of the historical and contemporary trajectory of the region. Such a multi-disciplinary approach would be based on a reconfiguration of the particular forms of defining, dealing with and even instituting  differences, distinctions and borders, within both the objects  and method of study. The individual papers and panels will examine the implications of continuities and discontinuities within the spheres of  literature, religion, education, politics, society and economy to investigate the manner in which the ready translations in academic disciplines map onto the more perplexing movements such as those between tradition and modernity, nationalism and cosmopolitanism, industrialisation and the environment, the market and the state and the citizen and the nation.

Deadline for abstracts: 31 January 2014 and full papers are due 10 March 2014 to be considered for further publication. Please send your abstracts and inquiries to (Diana T. Kudaibergenova).

Art of the Mongols, Specialist Art Short Course, SOAS, University of London

Art of the Mongols – 10-13 February 2014 (4 days)

Specialist Art Course


Art of the Mongols

Course Fee: £540

The destructive impact of the Mongol invasions is well known. Less well known is the important contribution these steppe peoples made as patrons of the arts in when they established themselves in China and Iran in the 13th and 14th centuries.

This course will devote two days to the arts of the Yuan, the Chinese dynastic name chosen by Kubilai Khan and two days to the arts of the Ilkhanids in Iran led by his brother Hulagu. In this period the Pax Mongolica was initiated and technologies, craftsmen and ideas flowed between China and Iran. It was a time of brilliant cultural flowering as the Mongol rulers sought to govern their disparate empires and sponsored a remarkable new visual language.

The course features

Lectures by leading experts and curators

Visits to museums, including unique access to reserve collections

For further details contact Denise Acford

Tel: 020 7898 4451


Lien : Art of the Mongols, Specialist Art Short Course, SOAS, University of London.